About SQI College of ICT

SQI College of ICT is a technical community of the brightest young people in Engineering and ICT. SQI is Soft Quest Incorporated and it has a training arm and a Solution arm, where varieties of solutions (Software, Artificial Intelligence and Engineering solutions are been built for various clients and interest persons). The training arm started from the quest to make Africa a pool of tech talents and improve the lives of as many as SQI can reach. SQI has [seen] provided a chance for as many people to take technical trainings in various field of ICT and Engineering to become technically equipped for their future in work and leadership. SQI have trained 5000+ offering 3000+ ranges of scholarships benefits in 12 years and currently has its Alumni offering their expertise in top service organizations globally. SQI is very keen about STEM and it is why it has set out to be a College of ICT. SQI has a core value of supporting research and development by her learners in building various ranges of solutions and therefore provide as much support as possible to her learners in research and development efforts.